November - Day 7 - SGH

This is a hard post to make without sounding totally self I am just going to do and hope, Dear Reader, you understand why this is what I am thankful for.

Today, 7 days into the month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my small company, Smith and Griffin Home. 

I am thankful for the company because it has given my mother and I tons of time together as we have brainstormed, created, culled, cut, cursed (only me, and not the bad words, ha ha).  Not that we needed a reason together, but this seemed to give us permission to spend the day together 'working', something we never did before.

I have also learned so much from my amazing mom.  I tell her an idea and the next time I see her, said idea has come to product form.  She totally blows me away!  So here is to my mom and Smith and Griffin Home and to the future!

Love and hugs,


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